What’s the Difference Between Plan B and the Abortion Pill?

Have you recently had unprotected (or maybe even protected) sex and your period is late? Maybe you’ve even taken an at-home pregnancy test and it was positive. Whether the pregnancy is planned or unplanned, a positive pregnancy test comes with a lot of emotion.

If your pregnancy is completely unplanned, you’re probably wondering what to do. Abortion is one option, but not the only one. If you’re considering abortion, you need to know more about the abortion pill and Plan B.

Plan B vs. the Abortion Pill

It’s important you understand all of your options. We want you to be fully informed in order to make a confident decision. 

Plan B

Plan B, also known as the Morning-After pill, is considered an emergency contraceptive. It should never be used as birth control. Plan B works to delay or prevent ovulation and fertilization. However, if you got a positive result on a pregnancy test, the egg may have already been fertilized and Plan B won’t work.  

Plan B may not be effective if you’re overweight or obese, allergic to any of its ingredients, or taking certain other medications. Expect to experience abdominal pain, nausea, unusual spotting or bleeding, and dizziness. 

The Abortion Pill

Plan B can only prevent pregnancy if it’s taken before ovulation. The abortion pill ends a pregnancy. It’s a medication method of abortion. Although it’s called the abortion pill, it’s actually two very powerful drugs taken over a 24-48-hour period. 

You can only use the abortion pill to terminate a pregnancy if you’re less than 10 weeks pregnant. If you’re over 10 weeks, you’ll have to have a surgical abortion. The side effects and risks are greater with the abortion pill than with Plan B. 

You’ll have more cramping and more bleeding as your body works to expel the pregnancy. The potential risks include incomplete abortion, an ongoing pregnancy, heavy and prolonged bleeding, and infection.

As you can see Plan B and the abortion pill have very different purposes. 

What’s Your Next Step?

Your next step should be visiting Lifecare Center. We offer free lab-quality pregnancy testing that will give you extremely accurate results. If the test is positive, Lifecare provides free limited ultrasounds to confirm a viable pregnancy and detect a fetal heartbeat. 

An ultrasound also estimates how far along you are based on fetal measurements, information you need if you’re choosing abortion. At that time, we can go over all of your options for your unplanned pregnancy.

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