My Parents Will Hate Me – Jen’s Story

Jen grew up as a pastor’s daughter. When she got pregnant, she thought abortion was her only option – her parents would never understand.

She Watched in Amazement

The young lady was sixteen and thought she was about nine weeks pregnant. Her sister had also become pregnant as a young teen and had two children that her mother was helping raise. Not wanting her younger daughter to go through what the older one did, the mother scheduled the sixteen-year-old for an abortion. But the […]

Seeds of Hope – Dee’s Story

Dee was alone and scared. She had already suffered the consequences of choosing abortion (twice), and now she was pregnant again. That’s when some people who would eventually start LifeCare came alongside her and helped her choose a different option. Dee’s story is one of finding Hope again – literally – and coming full circle […]

Her Spirit Melted Away

We sat down smiling in the counseling room to get acquainted better. She was so pretty, so together looking. I was startled to hear her say with such conviction, “I can’t have this baby. I don’t have a job or a place to live. No car. No license. Having a baby is impossible.” We looked […]

Tests Said He Had Down Syndrome

“Sheila” was so excited. A positive pregnancy test!  Her and her husband wanted another baby. After 2 miscarriages, they tiptoed through the next 12 weeks. Praying they would be able to carry this baby to term. Imagine their elation when they finally entered the second trimester and the baby seemed to be doing fine. That elation was […]